breeding rules

Country M-Z


has two FCI recognized clubs:

1. Nederlandse Newfoundlander Club NNFC (founded 1917)
2. The Newf Society

Raad van Beheer (Dutch Kennel Club)

common rules:

  • hips:
  • grade A and B = any combination allowed
  • grade C = only with hip grade A or B
  • grade D and E = no breeding permission
  • elbows:
  • grade 0 and 1 = any combination allowed
  • from grade 2 = no breeding permission
hip and elbow x-ray earliest with an age of 18 months.
Cystinuria carrier only with a clear partner.
Cystinuria ill no breeding permission.
Heart checks are mandatory for all breeders with color echo-doppler - free / clear. Valid 2 years, then new examination before the next mating.
Eye examination with a specialist ECVO, if not clear, then no breeding permissionb.
A mating with the same parents not more than 2 times.

rules for males:

For every calendar year a maximum of 6 litters for a male and a maximum of 25 litters in his lifetime
in The Netherlands (abroad does not count) are allowed.
He must have received an excellent at two International exhibitions and undertwo different judges to be admitted for breeding.
First mating not before 18 months of age.

rules for females:

First mating after the age of 24 months.
The first litter must be born before the age of 5 years (60 months).
The last litter before the completion of the 8th year (96 months).
A bitch may only get four litters in her life.
At 2 exhibitions a bitch has to get minimum one excellent and one very good from two different judges to be admitted to breeding.
After the second c-section no more breeding permission.

rules for breeders:

In one year a breeder is allowed to produce four litters (if more then he has to pay taxes).
For a breeder it is not allowed to have more than two litters at one time.

New Zealand

New Zealand has three Newfoundland Clubs

1. The Newfoundland Club Inc. (founded 1981)
2. Southern Newfoundland Society
3. Kiwi Newfoundlands

New Zealand Kennel Club

No health examination necessary.


Norsk Newfoundlandshundklubb

Norsk Kennel Club

The Norwegian Newfoundlanddog Club only has the opportunity of recommending the breeders.
If a breeder wants to register a litter in Norway - it´s registered in the NKC.
Hips and elbows must be officially x-rayed. Until grade D (hips) and 2 (elbows) are permitted.
Only recommendation in not breeding 2 parents carrying cystinuria gene.


Klub Nowofundlanda i Lanseera

Polish Kennel Club

For members of the Polish Newfoundland Club are required hips and cystinuria.
It is a little more than in The Polish Kennel Club (ZKwP) where you must do only hips (A, B or C for breeding).
Most of Polish breeders do as a standard hips, elbows, heart and cystinuria but all these exams are not obligatory.


National Newfoundland Club (founded 1997)

Russian Kennel Club (RKF)

All health examinations are volutary.
The RKF enters the hip and elbow results into international certificates.


Sekczia za Novofundlandce

Kinoloska Zveza Slovenije


Slovensky Newfoundlandsky Klub

Slovenska Kynologicka Jednota


Club Espanol de Terranova

Real Sociedad Canina de Espana


Svenska Newfoundlandshundklubben (founded 1967)

Svenska Kennelklubben (SKK)

common rules:

  • Hip and elbow x-ray earliest with 18 months of age.
  • Up to hip grade C and elbow grade 2 allowed.
  • Cystinuria examination is not necessary, if one uses a carrier, the other parent must be clear. It is permissable, that both parents are not examined.


Schweizerischer Neufundländer Klub (founded 1925)

Schweizerische Kynologische Gesellschaft (SKG)

common rules:

  • Hip and elbow x-ray obligation from an age of 17 months.
  • Up to hip grade C approved, C only with A or B.
  • Until elbow grade 1 approved, elbow grade 2 and 3 only with club permission.
  • Cystinuria examination for each dog - also if both parents are clear.
  • Only cystinuria clear x clear or clear x carrier allowed, if the result of a dog is unknown, it is treated as a carrier.
  • Heart examination required with color echo doppler.
  • Bonitation and additional temperament test decide on breeding permission.
  • Even before the puppy goes to the future owners, the breeders must ensure that a blood test for the DNA determination is sent to the Vetsuisse for each puppy.
  • Matings below 80 % pedigree collapse must be approved.
rules for males:

Maximum three litters per year with bitches in Switzerland. Maximum mating of two bitches at the same time.


Newfoundland Klub

Ukrainian Kennel Union

United Kingdom

has 3 Newfoundland Clubs:

The Newfoundland Club (founded 1886)
Northern Newfoundland Club (founded 1984)
Souhthern Newfoundland Club (founded 2008)

The Kennel Club

Breeders, who are not organized in a club, do not need any health check-ups, but the Kennel Club still provides papers (about 60% of all English breeders).
For club members:
Examinations on hips (12 months and above), cystinuria, and heart disease (12 months and over) are mandatory, but there are no restrictions.
"Good" breeders follow these guidelines:       

  • Hips: below the breeding average (in the UK at the moment 28)
  • Elbows: 0 or 1, some breeders also breed with higher values
  • Heart: normal or equivocal (not above an aorta flow of 1,9 m/sec)
  • Cystinuria: clear x clear


Newfoundland Club of America (founded 1930)

American Kennel Club (AKC)

Neither the AKC nor the NCA determines what a breeder should or can not do.
Even if a breeder has carried out all possible tests, there is no condition to publish them.