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abbreviation name description
Balk Balkan Winner daytitle in Balkan countries
Balt Baltic Winner daytitle in Baltic countries
Breed   similar to ROM (register of merrit), but different rules in different countries
BS Bundessieger VDH German daytitle
BS-Jgd Bundesjugendsieger VDH German daytitle for Junior class at the German Winner Show
CW Club Winner with country code in front
ES Europasieger VDH German daytitle
ES-Jgd Europajugendsieger VDH German daytitle for Juniors
EW Winner Eurodogshow daytitle
KBHV Winner of the show in Copenhagen (Denmark) daytitle
Nord Nordic Winner/Champion Winner/Champion of four countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland
PANAM Panamerican