HD Hips

hips - international comparison (This information is supplied without liability)

FCI HD-Grad Austria, Finland, France
Denmark, Germany, Italy
Netherlands, Sweden,
some breed-clubs
older abbreviations
GB, United Kingdom
Both "jts" (1 joint)
A normal A A1+A2 F or 0 (frei) 0-4 (3) excellent
B Grenzfall, fast normal borderline B B1 V or 1 (Verdacht) 5-10 (6) good
      B2   11-18 fair
C Leichte HD mild C C1 L or 2 (leicht) 19-25 borderline
      C2   26-35 mild
D Mittlere HD moderate D D2 M or 3 (mittel) 36-50 moderate
E Schwere HD severe E E2 S or 4 (schwer) >50 severe

A special feature applies to Switzerland:

    A2 = B Switzerland
    B2 = C Switzerland
    C2 = D Switzerland


In the old HD evaluations, "pÄvist" exists = anything other than free, unspecified, so it can be B-E.