American/Canadian Championship

dog show

In USA and Canada a point system decides on title recognition. A dog needs 15 points to get the American Championship. On every show there are points for the "Winners Dog" (best male) and the "Winners Bitch" (best female). The number of points depends on the number of dogs who participate, it differs from state to state. 1 point for the winner with 2 or more dogs in the ring - up to 5 points with large entries (not reporting numbers!). Shows that bring 3 or more points are called "Majors". If a dog has won two such "Majors" among two different judges he will also receive the championship regardless of how many points he has collected. The American and Canadian system are very similar. The classes are identical, but the number of points differs. In Canada a dog can also get points when placed in his group. When a dog becomes BOB, he gets 2 points, for the group one more (a total of 3). If he is BIS, he gets a total of 5 points.

Sweepstakes (non official classes):

Basically there is a completely different class division for males and bitches separately:

  • 06-09 months
  • 09-12 months
  • 12-15 months
  • 15-18 months
From which the best puppy in sweepstakes is selected (1st place) and the best of opposite sex in sweepstakes (BOS).

From these the best veteran male and the best veteran female in sweepstakes are selected.

Official Classes (Conformation Classes):

From the winners of all the above classes a "Winners Dog" and a "Winners Bitch" are chosen (and a reserve).

further classes: To the dogs of the following class "Best of Breed" are added all "Winners", which are: So a total of 10 dogs are added to the class "Best of Breed". Therefrom the judge takes the Best of Breed (BOB), the Best of Opposite Sex (BOS) and the Best of Winners (BOW), and mostly Select dogs/bitches, who can earn points too for the Grand Champion title.