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The classes and championship titles in USA, Canada and England differ significantly from the International FCI title (including junior and veteran championships). In principle a single win for a champion title is usually not sufficient, but consists of several entitlements or addition of points. But here, too, are exceptions, such as e. g. Luxembourg, which does not comply with the FCI rules and the FCI standard, because it states: "white-black and brown dogs are to judge in the same class with black dogs". The Luxembourg one-day champion title is awarded separately for all three colors! Champions recognized in these countries are marked in the title line by a Ch with a country code before. The same applies to all club champions. There are also a large number of national show titles with different names and terms, these are day titles that appear with W or V. Too there are so-called Grand Champions (national titles) and, for example, so-called Supreme Champions in Australia. The groups are also very different.

The very first dog show was in Newcastle upon Tyne, June, 28th and 29th, 1859 in England. The first Newfoundlands ever shown was in Birmingham, England, Dec. 3rd and 4th, 1860. No names of the dogs are mentioned. 1st, Lieut.-Colonel Inge (bitch); 2nd, Mr. Mitchell (imported dog).

The first dog show in Germany was held in Hamburg, July 14th to 20th, 1863.

The eldest still existing dog show is the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show held since 1877 under AKC rules.

The worldwide most important and biggest shows are:

Cruft´s Dog Show, next event: March, 6th-9th, 2025 Cruft´s Dog Show

FCI World Dog Show, next event August, 8th to 10th, 2025, Helsinki, Finland, World Dog Show

NCA National Specialty, next event April, 28th to May, 3rd, 2025, Providence, RI , USA, NCA National Specialty

Gold Cup, Denmark, next event July, 19th to 21st, 2024, Struer. Gold Cup

American/Candian championship

American/Canadian Championship

In USA and Canada, a point system decides on the title recognition. A dog needs 15 points to get the American Championship.

English championship

English Championship

The so-called Open-Shows are not counting. A dog can earn Challenge Certificates only at Champion-Shows.

FCI championship

FCI Championship

Dogs showing the sign INT-Ch in the database in the title field have obtained this FCI title under the following conditions:

Show titles

Show titles

There are a lot of country specific titles. It is nearly impossible to make a complete list, and often changes and/or additions are made.

Working titles

Working titles

In lot of European countries were founded water work groups, who are working together internationally.


It is not unusual for breeding records (old and new) that there are mistakes in terms of color. E. g. from two brown parents puppies were entered as black, this is not possible genetically, of course. Etc.

different colors in Newfoundlands


All health data published in the database can be found in the official records of the national or kennel clubs. Any further information, which is not published there, is only stored by means of proof of a written certificate.

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Four Newfoundland standards are existing. In the meantime they differ only a little from each other - except for the colors. The American standard allows black, white-black, brown and grey. The Canadian standard allows only black and white-black. The English and FCI standards allow black, white-black and brown.

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Breeding Rules

For Newfoundlands not all clubs or their heads (kennel clubs) dictate health evaluations as breeding requirement. See below the rules in different countries:

breeding rules